localize lo‧cal‧ize [ˈləʊkəlaɪz ǁ ˈloʊ-] also localise verb [transitive]
1. COMMERCE to organize a business or industry so that things happen at a local level rather than a national one:

• The company is continuing with its efforts to localize production.

2. MARKETING to make changes in advertising etc to make it more suitable for a particular place:

• the free weeklies in Los Angeles that localize news and advertising

— localized also localised adjective :

• Our strategy is to become a fully localized, customer-oriented company.

* * *

localized UK US (UK also localised) /ˈləʊkəlaɪzd/ adjective
used to describe a business or industry that has organized itself so that its main activities happen in local areas rather than nationally or globally: »

HSBC moved from being a localized Asian Bank to a major force in global banking.


Real estate has always been a localized business.

highly/very/quite localized »

So far, the internet ""supermarket"" is small and, like the physical supermarket business, highly localised.

MARKETING used to describe information or content that has been made suitable for a particular country, area, etc.: »

a localized advertising campaign

localized information/content »

The subscription gives the user internet access and a fair amount of localized content.

happening only in specific areas: »

External economic changes seem to have a specific and localized impact on businesses.


Localized flooding meant that many businesses shut down for the day.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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